Freed MSD Slaves

Beach Fossils – White Hinterland – Lower Dens – Zafari – Friends of the Family – The Third Eye – Molly Nilsson – Von Südenfed – Billy Childish & Holly Golightly – I Believe

Scratching The Surface – An Introduction to M. Gira

At first blush, his imposing frame, strong handshake, suspenders, and cowboy hat could well cast Michael Gira as a sharecropper cut from the pages of Steinbeck. Close up, his quick, blue eyes quietly mock fools, while his broad, rotting grin strives to put his prey at ease like a real-life Hannibal Lecter. As the principal behind Young God Records, Gira’s first two personas rub uneasy elbows, as he ambitiously peddles uncompromising music that demands attention. Taken together, Michael Gira is a living work of art, an exercise in American gothic, a true musical genius, a bit scary and quite unlike any other person that I will ever meet.


Björk – Danger Mouse & Sparklehorse – 8in8 – Martina Topley Bird – Margo – Stephin Merritt – WHY? – Cecil Otter – Butter 08 – Thao Nguyen – Neutral Milk Hotel – Other Lives – Mia Doi Todd – Zola Jesus – Fever Ray


Craft Spells – Blouse – Wild Nothing – Minks – Motorama – Bona Dish – B-Film – Underground Life – The Soft Moon – Broadcast – The Liminanas – Bill Callahan